How to maximise what you can see without physically viewing

How to maximise what you can see without physically viewing

It goes without saying that COVID-19 had a massive ripple effect on the world, and of course, the property market wasn’t left untouched by this.
We have seen radical changes within the sector, as agents like ourselves look at ways to adapt and evolve in order to meet new needs from our clients and colleagues.
One of the ways we've done that as an industry is to introduce new elements to our offering, substituting face-to-face meetings for online consultations that can be conducted safely.
Now, months after we've settled into this new way of doing things, a common question we get asked is ‘how can I maximise non-physical viewings?’

The benefits of non-physical viewings

A perk of non-physical viewings is being able to see the property without having to make unnecessary trips in-person to view a property, which is key in light of the current situation and restrictions.
Spending more time looking at online property listings, virtual tours or videos allows you to browse a larger number of homes than it may have been possible to physically view; particularly if you find it difficult to find time outside of work to arrange appointments.
So, this already means that you have the opportunity to see more properties in less time and refine the criteria you have by being exposed to more choice.
Another key benefit is that by starting your search online, you can quickly gain a feel for the homes that you want to see again, whilst identifying those that aren't suited to your needs.
In terms of maximising your time when talking to an agent screen-to-screen, we'd advise asking them about the natural flow of the rooms to help you envision the space more clearly, as well as the standard questions you'd otherwise ask on the seller's reasons for moving, whether there's a chain and the current conditions for the property's boiler and water pressure.
As we can appreciate that you'll want to see a select few properties in-person when you've narrowed down your search, there are tips for making in-person viewings right now, such as:
- Arranging the viewing by appointment, with only one household in the property to minimise contact
- Wearing a mask and using sanitising gel at the start and end of the viewing
- Asking any questions outside of the property so that you don't feel rushed to exit and miss anything important

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