What Support Is Available For NHS Workers

What Support Is Available For NHS Workers

Although the nation is no longer clapping every Thursday evening for our NHS workers, that doesn’t mean the gratitude has ended. There are many ways that support for NHS staff has continued as a thank you for helping our society in these difficult times. Companies across England have advertised NHS staff schemes and discounts to make life that bit easier for our key workers, and to show that their services are very much appreciated. The offers range from food discounts to free parking and have varying access requirements. We have shared some of these NHS offers below:

Supermarket discounts
Most supermarkets are continuing to use the first opening hours of the day to dedicate to NHS and other key workers for shopping so that they can purchase everything they need. As well as priority hours, many stores are offering discounted shopping including:

Morrisons – 10% off and extra points in store. They also offer free food boxes including home delivery (value of the box is £5)

Iceland – 20% store discount

Food Warehouse – 20% discount in store

Transport offers
There are many parking and transport companies offering discounts and free services to NHS workers to support them in travelling to and from work. These include:

NCP – free parking

NHS Trust Parking – free parking

Your Parking Space – free parking

Uber – 25% off all rides

Motorpoint - £300 off all vehicles and free home delivery

Food offers
Many food outlets are giving NHS staff a discount on food purchases. Details of how to claim the discount vary from using a special key worker code, to providing an NHS email address or identification card. The food outlets supporting NHS staff include physical stores as well as take away and delivery services. We have listed a selection of participating companies below:

LEON – 50% off

YO Sushi – 50% off

Hotel Chocolat – 50% off

LAS Iguanas – 50% food

Deliveroo – Deliveroo has delivered 100,000 free meals throughout June and is offering 70,000 £10 discount vouchers to NHS staff who have previously used the service.

We would personally like to thank all of the key workers that have worked tirelessly to help others during such a difficult time. The gratitude is never ending. If you are an NHS worker, please see the company websites for full details of support available to you.