Tips For Planning Your Perfect Garden

Tips For Planning Your Perfect Garden

With the current Government guidelines keeping many of us at home in our properties, and the weather starting to pick up, now is the perfect time to think about your outdoor space and what you can do to maximise it. We have put together a few tips to help you plan your perfect garden, ready to be your sea of tranquillity throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Plant planning
Nothing will bring more life to your garden, literally or metaphorically, than filling it with plants of different shapes, sizes, and colour. And if you ask us, the greener the better. Over the past few years, correlations have been made between mental well-being and time spent in nature, so line your garden with green and rake in the benefits.

Potted or planted? Depending on your garden type, this decision may be made for you, but if you do prefer potted plants, try using buckets or ornamental vases for artistic appeal.

Another important decision to make is the choice between low maintenance or high maintenance plants. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, you should consider plants that will need minimal care and that last all year round rather than ones that need to be replaced seasonally.

Make yourself at home
Comfort in your garden is non-negotiable. Why design a paradise that can only be enjoyed from afar?

Your furniture needs may be determined by your household size and whether you frequently invite guests over or not, but don’t let that deter you from splurging on seating, there is no harm in having too many seats or cushions to choose from!

Nestle your tables and chairs amongst your shrubs and flowers, and create a tranquil living space.

Making every inch of space count
Having a small garden does not mean that you have to have no garden at all. Create your own mini haven by surrounding your outdoor furniture with shrubs that are ideal for privacy. And to make your secret garden even more charming, use feature tiles, fairy lights, and textiles.

Once you‘ve used up all of your floor space, why not move upwards? Climbing trellises along your walls and fences can add an elegant touch.

As can shelves bearing potted plants along your exterior walls. This will add a contemporary and sophisticated look to your garden and will make use of space that would otherwise have been wasted.

Design away!
Whether you prefer minimalist or busy designs, make your garden your own by taking the time to carefully plan it. If you do prefer the thought of a simple garden, use symmetry to your advantage.

Flowers, shrubs and trees will add a healthy look to any garden, especially when there is a higher patio to grass ratio. Make the most of your lawn space by moving vertically along your walls with trellises and outdoor shelving, and use pots that add character to your garden.

Furniture serves more than a practical purpose. Your outdoor seating should be arranged to maximise your space and to create an enjoyable space.